SeedsLife Caban Impact Investment LLP is committed to creating lasting impact while focusing on high growth markets of Sub-Saharan Africa

About us

SeedsLife Caban Impact Investment LLP is the result of two private equity firms, SeedsLife Investment Group and Caban Investments joining forces through a listed vehicle on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange with the objective to achieve high returns by investing into developing companies and ventures in Sub-Sahara growth and emerging markets while creating a positive impact within their communities.

We source, nurture and invest in early-stage and growing ventures primarily in developing nations that are solving social and environmental challenges in a way which is commercially viable and have the potential to deliver sustainable profits to our investors.

The Fund offers investors the opportunity to participate in high growth Emerging Markets while benefiting from the long-standing infrastructures created by the firms involved in creating sustainable impact in local communities.

The multi-disciplinary team of professionals involved draws from experience including corporate finance, merchant banking, consulting, advisory and personal investing gained from global corporations to their own start-ups.

Our track record includes successful Listings on the JSE, transactions in technology, fin-tech, real estate, agri-processing, renewable energy, mining and primary production sectors from Ghana to Ivory Coast and South Africa.

From our foundations in London, Accra, Johannesburg and Cape Town we have the people and economies of Africa in our blood and are committed to sustainable impact in the region.

Why impact investment?


At a time of unprecedented challenges for both local and global environments, there can be no denying the urgency of private sector impact investments.


This approach, combined with well-judged investments, ensures a hugely positive, much-needed impact.


We can no longer depend on others to make the change that we want. This is why businesses, governments and individual investors are taking initiative to be a force for good.

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Community Partnership

We support a wide array of charitable and nonprofit organizations in communities around the world with our time, expertise and resources.

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